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About mySpritualProfile.com

This Spiritual Profile or Astrology reading website is about divination, astrology, numerology, colorology and other 'ologies' you can think of.

The creation of a Spiritual Astrological report has been in my mind since 1990, but I didn't manage to get the website running until 2008. Nowadays the internet has many online astrology reading sites with astrological reports, but I always thought of something different, something special and something more.

Why not combine all the astrological signs and details into one free online spiritual summary, instead of filling in your name and birth date over and over on different websites to get one of your matching Zodiac signs?

Easy and fun Spiritual Summary

With so many websites about astrology readings and astrological spiritual profiles, it's difficult to make a difference. mySpiritualProfile.com offers a free online insightful summary of your spiritual astrological profile and personal characteristics that match each sign. It's not just one sign, we use Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Celtic Astrology, Numerology, Colorology and Birthday Divination to create a summarised report of your astrological zodiac signs, like Western or Chinese Animal Zodiac, Element, Celtic Druid Tree, Birth stone, Mystical Color, Season and so on.

A special thanks to Josine de Boer for writing all the astrological descriptions and stories.

We hope you enjoy our website, which has primarily been created for you to enjoy and get back something positive and good.


View your absolute free Spiritual Profile An Astrological Reading which contains all astrological horoscope signs

mySpiritualProfile is proud to offer you a absolute free Astrological Profile with a full collection of astrological symbols matching your personality characteristics .

Just submit your first name and birth date and you will get a 100% free Astrological Profile which contains a summary of astrological symbols that are related to your first name and birth date, like; Star sign, WesternZodiac, Horoscope Sign, Druid Tree sign, Birthstone etc. mySpiritualProfile joins Western Astrology, Numerology, Colorology, Birthday Divination and Chinese & Druid Astrology.

My Spiritual Profile

You can also get the fully personal spiritual report with the complete information of each astrological horoscope sign that match your name and birth date and explain your personality characteristics.

Created with fun and love

This website is created for fun and to bring something positive and happiness into this world.

The small fee is just to keep the website in the air and pay for the hosting. I promise it won't make me rich (money wise). But it will hopefully make me rich in the experience of providing insight to people about the personal characteristics that match each astrological sign.

I believe that if we all do our best to do good and be good to people, animals and the environment on a small scale, this world an a large scale will benefit. The world will become a better place and we all will enjoy life even more!

Jan-Pieter Atsma and Hedgehog Creations

I am Jan-Pieter Atsma, a Dutch freelance web developer working and living in Scotland, UK. I have a company called Hedgehog Creations based in Scotland. I like creating websites that are fun, enjoyable and help to spread more happiness into the world.

Besides my passion to do good things, I'm living a partially self-sustainable life in a rural part of Central Scotland.

Blessings and have fun,

Jan-Pieter Atsma



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