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This is the free all-in-one astrology reading of Swagatika born on Wednesday 23 April 2014 and matches the month of the astrological Western Zodiac (star sign) Taurus and the year of the Chinese Animal Horse.

Swagatika has a very pleasing astrological profile according to Numerology, Colorology, Birthday Divination and Western, Chinese & Celtic (Druid) Astrology. Take a closer look at the summary of matching astrological zodiac signs and symbols below in this all-in-one spiritual profile.

Western and Celtic/Druid astrology are using the divine bodies and their relations in conjuction with the date of birth and both use a monthly calendar. Eastern astrology also uses the date of birth Wednesday 23 April 2014 in conjunction with the divine bodies and is related to the year of birth based on the Chinese calendar. In Numerology a divine number is calculated from the name Swagatika using the Chaldean Method.

These astrological signs and symbols below match this spiritual profile and are very important! They'll tell you a lot about the personality characteristics of this person.


Spiritual profile of Swagatika Astrological Summary on mySpiritualProfile.com

Swagatika is born on Wednesday 23 April 2014 in the month of the Western Zodiac (star sign) Taurus and in the year of the Chinese Animal Horse.

Western Astrology Chinese Astrology
Western Zodiac Star Sign - Taurus
Western Star Sign:

The Bull

Chinese Zodiac Animal - Horse
Chinese Zodiac (Animal):

The Worker

Western Four Elements - Earth
Western Element:


Chinese Five Elements - Wood
Chinese Element:


Western Planet - Venus


Chinese Yin-Yang - YangYin-Yang
Yin-Yang Symbol:


Celtic/Druid Astrology,
Numerology & Colorolgy

Birthday Divination
Celtic Tree - Walnut
Celtic Druid Zodiac:

Walnut Tree
The Passionate

Birthstone - Diamond


Numerology: Number - Four
Divine Number:

The Manager

Season - Spring


Colorology: Color - White
Divine Color:

The Dreamer

Birth Day of week - Wednesday
Day of the Week:


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