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Spiritual profile of Paris Hilton A Celebrity Astrology Reading on mySpiritualProfile.com

Celebrity Paris Hilton has a very thrilling astrological profile according to Western, Chinese, Celtic (Druid) Astrology, Numerology, Colorology and Birthday Divination. Scroll down to see all matching astrological zodiac signs and symbols for this hot celebrity in this all-in-one spiritual profile.

Our astrology reading, using the divine bodies and their relations in conjuction with the celebrity Paris Hilton (full name: Paris Whitney Hilton) and date of birth Tuesday 17 February 1981, shows some thrilling Western astrological signs and symbols. Eastern astrology also uses the birthdate in conjunction with the divine bodies, but is related to the year of birth based on the Chinese calendar. In Numerology a divine number is calculated from the name Paris Whitney using the Chaldean Method.

Take a closer look at the summary of the astrological signs and symbols below that match Paris Hilton. They are very significant and explain a lot about the spiritual identity and personality characteristics of Paris Hilton.


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Spiritual profile of Paris Hilton Celebrity Astrological Reading on mySpiritualProfile

Celebrity Paris Hilton (full name: Paris Whitney Hilton) is born on Tuesday 17 February 1981 in the month of the Western Zodiac (star sign) Aquarius and in the year of the Chinese Animal Rooster.

Western Astrology Chinese Astrology
Western Zodiac Star Sign - Aquarius
Western Star Sign:

The Water Carrier

Chinese Zodiac Animal - Rooster
Chinese Zodiac (Animal):

The Perfectionist

Western Four Elements - Air
Western Element:


Chinese Five Elements - Metal
Chinese Element:


Western Planet - Saturn


Chinese Yin-Yang - YinYin-Yang
Yin-Yang Symbol:


Celtic/Druid Astrology,
Numerology & Colorolgy

Birthday Divination
Celtic Tree - Cedar
Celtic Druid Zodiac:

Cedar Tree
The Confident

Birthstone - Amethyst


Numerology: Number - Six
Divine Number:

The Diplomat

Season - Winter


Colorology: Color - Green
Divine Color:

The Confident

Birth Day of week - Tuesday
Day of the Week:



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Celebrity Astrology Readings Celebrities that match Paris Hilton

These celebrities below match the spiritual and astrological profile of Paris Hilton.

Celebrity Date of Birth Sign
Paris Hilton Feb, 17 1981 Aquarius
Justin Timberlake Jan, 31 1981 Aquarius
Ashton Kutcher Feb, 07 1978 Aquarius
Matthew McConaughey Nov, 04 1969 Rooster
Jessica Alba Apr, 28 1981 Rooster
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