The Five Elements in Chinese Astrology
What are the Five Chinese Elements?

In Chinese astrology, the 5 elements, also known as Wu Xing, are the ever changing forces or energies from which everything is composed:

  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water

These elements represent the transformations constantly taking place in the world, and all of them interact and relate to one another. They are responsible both for generating each other, and for destroying each other.

The 5 Eastern elements differ from the 4 Western elements in that they focus primarily on process and change, whereas the Western elements are more concerned with physical matter.

Chinese astrology also places great emphasis on the opposing forces of yin and yang, and each element occurs in both yin and yang form.

The Five Elements and Chinese Zodiac Signs

In Chinese astrology, each year is represented by an animal and an element. The animal is one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs, and indicates certain personality traits for those born in that year.

But the 5 elements also have their own set of characteristics. And these affect the Chinese Animals.

Each element represents 2 consecutive years, the first year in its yang form, the second year in its yin form. The ten years of this cycle are known as the heavenly stems.

So, in Chinese astrology, it’s not just your animal that counts. The energy of the element representing your year of birth has great influence on your personality.


The Five Chinese Elements in Chinese Astrology

Chinese Five Elements - Wood
Wood feeds fire and parts earth
Generous, warm, more about Wood
Chinese Five Elements - Fire
Fire, Huo
Fire creates earth and melts metal
Dynamic, humanitarian, more about Fire
Chinese Five Elements - Earth
Earth, Tu
Earth bears metal and absorbs water
Powerful, patient, more about Earth
Chinese Five Elements - Metal
Metal, Jin
Metal collects water and chops wood
Determined, self-reliant, more about Metal
Chinese Five Elements - Water
Water, Shui
Water nourishes wood and quenches fire
Secretive, self-destructive, more about Water

What is My Chinese Element?
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Your Chinese element modifies the characteristics of your Chinese Animal, or Zodiac Sign, and helps define your most inherent personality traits.
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What is my Chinese Element?