Chinese Astrology - Animal signs and Zodiac Symbols
What Are the Chinese Zodiac Signs?

Chinese Zodiac Signs, or Chinese Animals, are the most recognizable symbols of Eastern astrology. There are 12 of them in total, and, unlike in Western astrology, each represents an entire year rather than a month.

In Chinese, they are known as the Shēngxiào, which means “birth likeness”.
Each symbol takes the form of an animal, and represents a lunar year, which begins on the Chinese New Year in January or February.

The origins of the Chinese Zodiac come from early observations of Jupiter orbiting the Sun. The duration of this was rounded to 12 years, the same as one cycle of the Chinese Zodiac.

Your Chinese Animal is the one which represents the year you were born. According to Chinese astrology, it has a profound influence on your personality and destiny.

Eastern Zodiac Vs Western Zodiac

The use of the term “Zodiac” in Chinese astrology is slightly misleading. The word actually comes from Western astrology, and means “circle of animals.”

Given the similarities between the 2 traditions, English speakers simply borrowed the term to refer to the Shēngxiào.

Both Chinese and Western Zodiacs have 12 part time cycles, with animals used to symbolize the vast majority of these parts. And both traditions believe that these symbols greatly influence a person’s life and personality.
However, there are 3 main differences between these 2 versions of the Zodiac:

  • The Chinese Zodiac measures years, not months.
  • All Chinese Zodiac Signs are animals, whereas some Western Star Signs are not.
  • The Chinese Zodiac is NOT associated with stars and constellations. It is based on the calendar.


Chinese Zodiac signs (Chinese Animals)

Chinese Zodiac Animal - Rat Rat, The Artistic
The Rat is charming, attractive and surrounded by friends.
Forthright, disciplined, more about Rat
Chinese Zodiac Animal - Ox Ox, The Logical
The Ox is calm, logical and trustworthy.
Dependable, calm, more about Ox
Chinese Zodiac Animal - Tiger Tiger, The Sensitive
The Tiger is sympathetic, emotional and sensitive.
Unpredictable, rebellious, more about Tiger
Chinese Zodiac Animal - Rabbit Rabbit, The Elegant
The Rabbit is elegant and soft spoken.
Gracious, kind, more about Rabbit
Chinese Zodiac Animal - Dragon Dragon, The Eccentric
The Dragon is the most eccentric in the Chinese zodiac.
Magnanimous, stately, more about Dragon
Chinese Zodiac Animal - Snake Snake, The Sensual
The Snake is a mystic and sensual person.
Deep thinker, wise, more about Snake
Chinese Zodiac Animal - Horse Horse, The Worker
The Horse is balanced well in their qualities.
Cheerful, popular, more about Horse
Chinese Zodiac Animal - Goat Goat, The Charmer
The Goat has good taste and is charming.
Righteous, sincere, more about Goat
Chinese Zodiac Animal - Monkey Monkey, The Motivator
The Monkey is a motivator and a problem solver.
Inventor, motivator, more about Monkey
Chinese Zodiac Animal - Rooster Rooster, The Perfectionist
The Rooster is hard working and definite about their decisions.
Acute, neat, more about Rooster
Chinese Zodiac Animal - Dog Dog, The Loyal
The Dog is loyal, honest and obedient.
Honest, intelligent, more about Dog
Chinese Zodiac Animal - Pig Pig, The Friend
The Pig is a friend for life.
Honest, simple, more about Pig

What is Your Chinese Animal?
Discover Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Your Chinese Animal says much about your personality and character, and is indicative of how others perceive you.

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