How Spiritual are YOU?

Have you ever wondered, "How spiritual am I?". Well, if you want to find out how Spiritual YOU are, just complete the survey with 11 questions about Astrology, Horoscopes and beliefs below. This Spirituality Quiz is completely anonymous. At the end of the test you can get a badge with your mySpiritualRating.

11 Questions to determine how Spiritual you are!

Just select the most applicable answer.

Are you interested in Western, Chinese or Celtic Astrology, Colorology, Birthday divination and/or Gemology?

How often do you check/read your horoscope?

How often do you read about astrology or visit websites related to astrology in general?

How close do zodiac signs match your personality?

Have you ever experienced that the outcome matched the prediction from your horoscope?

Do you allow horoscopes or astrology readings to influence your future actions?

Do you believe we all have or serve a specific purpose in life?

Do you believe there is more to life that can be explained through science?

Do you believe in god/gods, creator or entity that consciously created the universe?

Have you ever seen or tried the free Spiritual Summary on mySpiritualProfile?

Have you ever bought the Full Spiritual Profile on mySpiritualProfile?


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Your Spiritual Rating

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Spirituality Quiz

This survey to find out how Spiritual you are, has been created by Jan-Pieter Atsma for

I hope it reflects your own perception on your spiritual mindset and/or affinity with astrology.

Blessings and have fun,

Jan-Pieter Atsma