Western Astrology - Star signs and Zodiac Symbols
What Are the Western Zodiac Signs?

Western Zodiac Signs, also known as Star Signs, are the symbols of western astrology. And western astrology is based around one central guiding principle:

"As above, so below"

But what does this mean exactly?

In a nutshell, it means everything is linked. All that you do, think and say is not only shown in the stars, but is determined by them as well. Celestial phenomena either reflect or govern all human behavior.
Consequently, a reading of the stars can provide valuable insights into all aspects of your life. And that’s where the Zodiac comes in.

What’s the Zodiac?

The Zodiac is a circle made up of 12 equal parts, and it represents the apparent path taken by the sun in the sky throughout the course of a year. Each part corresponds to a stellar constellation through which the sun passes, and each has its own symbol.

You’ll probably recognize these symbols. They are the 12 signs of the Zodiac, commonly known as Star Signs. A year is divided into 12 parts, each represented by its own Zodiac symbol.

These signs are held to represent 12 basic personality types or characteristic modes of expression. With knowledge of your Zodiac Sign, you can find out a lot about yourself and your spiritual identity.


Western Zodiac/Star Signs

Western Zodiac Star Sign - Aries
Aries, The Ram
"I am" – the Aries is individualistic and independent.
Freedom-loving, assertive, more about Aries
Western Zodiac Star Sign - Taurus
Taurus, The Bull
"I have" – the Taurus is productive and thorough.
Resourceful, thorough, more about Taurus
Western Zodiac Star Sign - Gemini
Gemini, The Twins
"I think" – the Gemini is logical, curious and mercurial.
Logical, inquisitive, more about Gemini
Western Zodiac Star Sign - Cancer
Cancer, The Crab
"I feel" – the Cancer is compassionate, sensitive and charming.
Protective, sensitive, more about Cancer
Western Zodiac Star Sign - Leo
Leo, The Lion
"I will" – the Lion is proud and powerful.
Generous, proud, more about Leo
Western Zodiac Star Sign - Virgo
Virgo, The Virgin
"I analyze" – the Virgo is health-conscious, flexible and creative.
Practical, imaginative, more about Virgo
Western Zodiac Star Sign - Libra
Libra, The Scales
"I balance" – the Libra is fair, refined and graceful.
Co-operative, diplomatic, more about Libra
Western Zodiac Star Sign - Scorpio
Scorpio, The Scorpion
"I desire" – the Scorpio is passionate, resourceful and ambitious.
Passionate, secretive, more about Scorpio
Western Zodiac Star Sign - Sagittarius
Sagittarius, The Archer
"I see" – the Sagittarius is freedom loving, straightforward and broad-minded.
Freedom loving, straightforward, more about Sagittarius
Western Zodiac Star Sign - Capricorn
Capricorn, The Sea Goat
"I use" – the Capricorn is realistic, formal and prudent.
Prudent, cautious, more about Capricorn
Western Zodiac Star Sign - Aquarius
Aquarius, The Water Carrier
"I know" – the Aquarius is unconventional, magnetic and tolerant.
Democratic, unconventional, more about Aquarius
Western Zodiac Star Sign - Pisces
Pisces, The Two Fish
"I believe" – the Pisces is idealistic, compassionate and charitable.
Imaginative, sensitive, more about Pisces

What Is Your Star Sign?
Discover Your Western Zodiac Sign

Your Western Zodiac Sign plays an important role in understanding your personal characteristics and traits.

Click below to find out which of these 12 symbols is yours.

What is my Western Zodiac Sign?