What Is My Western Element?
Discover Which of the Four Western Elements Is Yours

In Western astrology, the 4 elements represent the 4 basic energies which govern all life:

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Water

The balance between these elements is the foundation on which the Western astrological tradition is based.
And with knowledge of your Western element, you can begin to understand your own personality at its most fundamental level.

Discover your Western element, and find the key to your spiritual identity.

What Is Your Western Element?

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A full spiritual report contains further information about your Western element, including a detailed description of how it influences your personality.

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The Four Western Elements
What Are the Elements in Western Astrology?

Western astrology holds that celestial bodies provide valuable insight into human personality and behavior.

The 4 Western elements are the forces which make up everything, and Western Star Signs, or Zodiac Signs, are derived from them.

With an understanding of the Western elements, you can gain a deeper awareness of all aspects of life.

The Four Elements in Western Astrology