What is my Chinese Element?
Discover Which of the Four Chinese Elements Is Yours

In Chinese astrology, the 5 elements, or phases, are the ever changing energies from which everything is made up:

  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water

Everything that exists is comprised of a combination of these elements. And the balance between them is of great importance.

Your Chinese element has its own set of characteristics, which influence your Chinese Zodiac Sign.

So knowledge of your elements provides great insight into many aspects of your personality and your destiny.
Discover your Chinese element, and find the energy that drives you.

What Is Your Chinese Element?

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The Five Chinese Elements
What Are the Elements in Chinese Astrology?

The Wu Xing, known in English as the 5 elements or phases, are the constantly evolving energy forces from which everything is comprised.

Each element possesses its own inherent characteristics, which affect the personality traits associated with different Chinese Zodiac Symbols.

The 5 Chinese elements provide great insight into all aspects of life.

The Five Elements in Chinese Astrology