Colorology or Colorstrology - Divine Colors
What are the Divine Colors?

In Colorology or Colorstrology the color matching your date of birth provides an interrelation of vibrations.

These colors; Orange, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Brown, Aqua, Lime, Black, Purple, Navy, Silver, White, Gold, Cream, Gray, Red, Teal, Olive, Maroon, show a great deal about a person's character, purpose in life, what motivates, and where talents may lie.


Divine Colors in Colorology

Color - Orange
Orange, The Mature
Orange has an intelligent and mature personality.
Intelligent, mature, ... more about Orange
Color - Yellow
Yellow, The Innocent
Yellow has a sweet and innocent personality.
Sweet, innocent, ... more about Yellow
Color - Pink
Pink, The Carer
Pink has a caring and loving personality.
Caring, loving, ... more about Pink
Color - Blue
Blue, The Artistic
Blue has an artistic and intuitive personality.
Artistic, sensitive, ... more about Blue
Color - Green
Green, The Confident
Green has a confident and friendly personality.
Confident, friendly, ... more about Green
Color - Brown
Brown, The Active
Brown has an active and energetic personality.
Active, energetic, ... more about Brown
Color - Aqua
Aqua, The Adventurous
Aqua has a fickle and naïve personality.
Moody, adventurous, ... more about Aqua
Color - Lime
Lime, The Loyal
Lime has a loyal and generous personality.
Calm, pleasant, ... more about Lime
Color - Black
Black, The Assertive
Black has an intelligent and interesting personality.
Intelligent, interesting, ... more about Black
Color - Purple
Purple, The Mysterious
Purple has a mysterious and talented personality.
Mysterious, loving, ... more about Purple
Color - Navy
Navy, The Passionate
Navy has an attractive and enthusiastic personality.
Attractive, fun-loving, ... more about Navy
Color - Silver
Silver, The Imaginative
Silver has an imaginative and intelligent personality.
Imaginative, intuition, ... more about Silver
Color - White
White, The Dreamer
White has a dreamy and romantic personality.
Dreamer, ambitious, ... more about White
Color - Gold
Gold, The Sensible
Gold has a bright and friendly personality.
Friendly, sensible, ... more about Gold
Color - Cream
Cream, The Competitive
Cream has an energetic and competitive personality.
Energetic, competitive, ... more about Cream
Color - Gray
Gray, The Energetic
Gray has an attractive and extravert personality.
Attractive, energetic, ... more about Gray
Color - Red
Red, The Love
Red has a passionate and lovable personality.
Cute, lovable, ... more about Red
Color - Teal
Teal, The Outhoing
Teal has a confident and social personality.
Confident, outgoing, ... more about Teal
Color - Olive
Olive, The Light-hearted
Olive has a warm and social personality.
Warm, light-hearted, ... more about Olive
Color - Maroon
Maroon, The Instinctive
Maroon has an instinctive and patient personality.
Intelligent, instinctive, ... more about Maroon

What is Colorology or Colorstrology?
Divine colors in Birthday Divination

Colorology, sometimes called Colorstrology, is the study of numbers, and the occult manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies, as an integral part of the cosmic plan.

Each divine Color plays an important part in understanding our personality characteristics and has a significant spiritual meaning in Colorology. The divine colors; Orange, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Brown, Aqua, Lime, Black, Purple, Navy, Silver, White, Gold, Cream, Gray, Red, Teal, Olive, Maroon provide a related cosmic vibration and have special meanings and attributes.

What is my divine Color in Colorology?