Help and Frequently Asked Questions

If you have difficulties creating a spiritual astrological profile or experience problems getting your Full Spiritual Report, please Contact us.

Because we frequently check the full report that you've paid manually before sending it, there could be a delay of up to 48 hours, but we usually send it within a few minutes. So don't worry.

Your Spiritual Profile will be send to you as soon as possible!

Why does your first name and birth date appear in Search Engines like Google?

Before 2011 we had saved the profiles that were created with us. These profiles were based on the first name and birth date and were searchable by Search Engines (like Google). We no longer store free summary profiles, but use common names and random birth dates to show example profiles in the search engines.

A lot of people like to find themselves on the web when they go 'ego surfing' as long as the data is not invading their privacy. In 99% of the cases the combination of your first name and birth date are not unique. You may or my not be aware of it, but there are for example many John's in the whole world born on the same day.

We have removed details upon request in the past, but then someone with the same first name and date of birth just filled in these details too and the same page was created again. So we cannot even be sure it's you that has entered these details.

We have confirmation of the supervisory authority Information Commissioner that these two details first name and birth date combined are not classified as personal data or violate privacy.

Mistakenly entered your full name instead of your first name?

If you find an old profile that has been indexed by the Search Engines and have mistakenly entered more data in the requested first name or have a unique combination of first names, you can request removal of your profile.

We hope you've enjoyed our website nevertheless.

Blessings and cheers,

Jan-Pieter Atsma